The pallet Library:

The Library enables you to store details or portion of drawings and to find it easily to incorporate them in plans.
The goal is to re-use details already carried out rather than to remake them.
The typical example is the range of the metal sections, IPE, HEA… which is distributed with RealCADD.
The use of the Library is very simple as well as the constitution or the enrichment of the library.
To use it, display the pallet “Library” using the menu “Window”:

In fact a file of Library is a file of RealCADD drawing. Thus all the RealCADD files can be used as file of library.
They are on the other hand managed in a particular way by the pallet.
By defect, RealCADD posts the files contained in the folder “RealCADD Lib” which must be in the basic file of RealCADD.
It is the left part of the pallet.
The button “…” under this part, allows you to choose another folder.
Once the folder deployed like above, RealCADD posts all the RealCADD files contained in the folder.
Click on a file, here HEA, to post its contents which appear in the following column. They are in fact the list its layers or pages.
Click on a line of the second list so that RealCADD posts its contents graphically on the right.
Under the second list, RealCADD indicates the scale of the the drawing.
To incorporate in your drawing, the detail posted on the right, it is enough to drag and drop it while having to notch or not the box beforehand “To put on the scale” according to your wish.
Once placed in a drawing, as a group, each element resulting from the library is independent.

We saw above, that a file of library is in fact a RealCADD file.
You can thus very easily constitute your own library.
Try to open directly with RealCADD files HEA, HEB or IPE to see as they are made up.
For a simpler management, it is preferable to gather your details by homogeneous topics and not to have that only one detail by layer or page.
The denomination of each layer or page is also important. The order too.
If your library becomes important, you can create other folders inside the folder RealCADD Lib.

The pallet Command line...