The pallet Command line:

This pallet enables you to use the keyboard to create objects in your drawing:

It breaks up into a local menu on the right and an editfield.
While clicking on the local menu, you reach the list of the commands available.
Goto allows a displacement without layout.
Line adds a line between 2 points in absolute co-ordinates.
DLine adds a line into relative since the current point.
Oval, an oval.
Rect, a rectangle.
Arc, an arc.
Text, a text.
Under the editfield, RealCADD recalls you the parameters to be given for the selected command.
The parameters are separated by a space.
The parameters between [ and it ] are optional.

The use of the local menu is not obligatory.
You can also type the command with the keyboard. In fact the first letter is enough.

The pallet Scripts...