iPocket Draw 1.98

First true vectorial drawing software for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

*Version 1.98 : (waiting for validation from Apple)
- When creating a texture, you can change its scale
- New action "Manual Rotation"
- New Action "symmetry with an axis"
- Option for centered printing if dimensions of drawing < page size
- When importing a vector drawing pdf (Not scanned !), the drawing is broken down into editable objects. There may be objects, including text and dotted lines, incorrectly recognized. This feature requires an additional purchase. Before buying, only half of vector objects found in the pdf drawings is kept.
- Reported bugs have been fixed
- Watch our new videos on Youtube
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- The size of the DXF files which can be opened, is limited to about 20 MB (on iPhone 4 and iPad 2);
- Opening a big file can take some times;

- Some complex objects (spline, hatch,...) are not read;

A forum about iPocket Draw is opened and an user manual is available : english - franšais (updated for version 1.98)

And an user wrote a tutorial "iPocketDraw for Dummies".

Watch some tutorials on YouTube
On YouTube, choose HD.
More videos will be added.

                                                                                                                                  ** New isometric grid **


Screens of hatch and texture in version 1.92 - and result after applying a texture on a rectangle and an ellipse in the same time :

Opacity in version 1.92 : screen 1 = rectangle with opacity 100%, screen 2 = new settings of the object, screen 3 = result

Screens of different versions of iPocket Draw :


New menu action :

New menu action :

You can enter formulas in textfield.

New library of iPocket Draw 1.60

Drawing with free line in free mode
(two taps on the tool)

and in vectorization mode
(one tap on the tool)

iPocket Draw sur iTunes.

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