Accuracy errors with 4.41b7 and b8

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Accuracy errors with 4.41b7 and b8

Post by debenriver » Sun Jun 28, 2015 1:37 pm

Hi Eric

Something seems to have happened to the accuracy in the last two beta's.

EG: I draw a line and I then enter, say, 950 in the Length box on the Edit pallet, I get a line L= 948. I tried with lots of different lines and all were inaccurate. The error seems to be a factor of 0.99836

If I enter 1 in Preferences >> Snap grid and hit Save, I get 0.998 as Snap grid. If I enter 10, I get 9.984, and so on.

If I use Duplicate and Move y = 3000, for example, the duplicate line moves 2995.

Same with parallels (dynamic or static) – select 100 as an offset and you get 99.8316 – both on the drawing and in the offset box if you click parallels again.

4.41b6 is dead accurate. :D

Cheers -- George

Eric Pousse
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Re: Accuracy errors with 4.41b7 and b8

Post by Eric Pousse » Mon Jun 29, 2015 10:31 am

OK George, more work for me.

I will try to fix all new bugs shortly.

Eric Pousse

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