4.61 minor problems

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4.61 minor problems

Post by debenriver » Sun Oct 23, 2016 8:33 pm

Hi Eric

I've been using 4.61 (Cocoa) for quite a while now on Yosemite and lately on Sierra. It's generally really great :mrgreen:. But there are a few minor problems that I've come across:

1. Tool pallet flickering. When you mouse over the tool pallet the extensions flicker constantly. Clicking on the left hand column stops it, but only temporarily. Sometimes it goes Ok and steady for quite a while. But it always starts up again.

2. Select All (⌘A). If the Command Line is enabled when a drawing is reopened, Select All doesn't do anything. Disabling the command line allows Select All to work OK. Then you can then enable the Command Line again and Select All continues to work.

3. Auto-save. When you open a drawing auto-save seems to be disabled by default, regardless of the Preferences setting, or the local setting when the drawing was saved/closed. So you have to remember to enable it each time you open a drawing. It would be better if it either followed the Preferences setting or the local setting at close.

And sometimes the Auto-save request comes up even when Auto-save is disabled upon opening a drawing – I haven't been able to track down exactly how/when this happens

4. Crashes. These are more frequent than one would wish. the seem to happen as you mouse over the Tool pallet; Typical messages are:
crash2.png (29.61 KiB) Viewed 1496 times
crash1.png (25.92 KiB) Viewed 1496 times
But there are lots of different ones.

The really good thing (which is new) is that you get the opportunity to save before the crash actually takes place, so you don't lose anything. And then you get a second, different, crash message before the program closes. It's a little annoying!

5. Option key. Keyboard shortcuts that use the Option (⌥) key seem to be somewhat intermittent or not work at all. For example I have ⌥→ set as a shortcut for Align right. Usually, the first time I try it on a drawing, it just operates as a right move rather than an Align, or nothing at all happens. If I do a Right Align from the menu, the shortcut will subsequently work. Other shortcuts with the Option key are much the same – it just seems to be very variable and unreliable in its operation generally.

6. Cut tool (M). Has a habit of cutting but not deleting. Sometimes it does remove the cut part. But when it doesn't you don't really know if it has done a cut until you select the cut part. In the past this has happened very occasionally – now it seems to be at least 50% of the time.

I haven't tried any of these things in the Carbon version – I have a feeling however that they may be Cocoa specific.

Cheers -- George

Eric Pousse
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Re: 4.61 minor problems

Post by Eric Pousse » Mon Oct 24, 2016 4:10 pm

Bonjour George,

Thank you for this feedback.
I will take a look on all.


Eric Pousse

Eric Pousse
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Re: 4.61 minor problems

Post by Eric Pousse » Sat Oct 29, 2016 12:42 pm

Bonjour George,
debenriver wrote:1. Tool pallet flickering.
It was hard to see it because my tool pallet is on the left of my screen and this occurs when the mouse cursor passes through the pallet from the left to the right with a special speed...
I think that with problem is fixed in 4.62b1
debenriver wrote:2. Select All (⌘A).
When an Editfield of the Commanline has the focus, Select All (⌘A) acts on it to select all the text in it.
But now in 4.62b1, if there is no text in it, Select All (⌘A) acts on the drawing to select all objects.
debenriver wrote:3. Auto-save.
OK it was a bug which is now fixed.
debenriver wrote:4. Crashes.
I can't reproduce them !?
Perhaps that the fix for the first point will also affect this.
debenriver wrote:5. Option key.
I have added Option and arrows to command Align Left, Right, Top and Bottom.
When I tried to add them in the system, they call text align which have the same name.
debenriver wrote:6. Cut tool (M).
I have reworked this command, say me if it is better.
I think that the problem occurred with big zoom and attraction grid on.

RealCADD 4.62b1 is here

Tank you again George.

Eric Pousse

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